blob1469708149772.gif You can send a patient's record for Second Opinion by clicking on the "Share Patient File/Second Opinion" button. This button can be found on the top right corner of a patient's record page. Please see the following picture for reference.

blob1469708219418.png You will then see a form, please fill out the details of the doctor with whom you want to share these records for Second Opinion. Please see the following picture for reference.


Nr3.gif  You will receive a pin over email which you have to share with the doctor from whom you have requested Second Opinion. 

 The recipient doctor has to sign-in with the pin that was provided to you over the email.


 The recipient doctor will now be able to see your notes and attachment that you have shared with them and be able to reply with their opinion.


 You will be able to see the Second Opinion recorded by the doctor in your patient's record.